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Relaxation – Healing Remedy

Having asthma as a child, I learned through intuition or trial and error that relaxation helped to lessen the severity of the attacks. It is difficult to relax while the inflammation in the bronchial tubes makes every breath a struggle. Yet, that is exactly what I needed to do in order to reduce the inflammation. The metaphysical cause of my asthma was ‘feeling stifled and suppressed crying.’ Thus, nurturing and soothing was the most effective antidote to reduce the stress and inflammation in my bronchial system.

When you understand that your reactions to everything are either a healthy or unhealthy responses to the ways that issues impact your life, you will find it easier to release their effect on you. Consider doing something special and relaxing-read a book, take a bath, using scented bath oil, commune with nature, listen to calming music, take a walk. As you engage in these relaxing activities, notice the tension and imagine the mental or physical strain leaving your body.

Making time for your needs and finding a release for tension/stress feeds your spirit and will help you feel better and you will be able to manage whatever else arises. Doing something healing for your body allows you to more easily manage and let go of stress.

Once your body is completely relaxed you will notice the places where you store your tension, such as in your neck, shoulders, pit of stomach, head or (as in my case) bronchial tubes, etc. No body part is exempt to being the storage of tension/stress. When you attend to your tension/stress immediately you will avoid storing it in your body, thus, avoiding letting it build up to the point that you are edgy, tense or manifesting an illness–such as asthma. Your body is a great communicator as it gives immediate signals about how you react to your world. If you treat your body well, you and your body become a team, thus, illness/disease will be thwarted.

This tension release routine in turn gives you the means to heal your whole being – mind, body and spirit.

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