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How To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Get the Woman of Your Dreams

When I was young I remember my father saying a couple of

things that I now realize shaped the outcome of his life. He always had an excuse for whatever situation he was in. He blamed his lack of education for limiting him to climb up the financial and professional ladder.

I always remember him saying “we cannot afford that.”

He would always complain about how much his job sucked and how bad the pay was. I would ask him, “If you hate your job that much why not look for a better one? Why not do something that you really love and pays better?”

Well my dad always used to have an excuse for every little situation he was in. He would blame virtually everything for his lack of education. His lack of education was the reason as to why he was in a crappy job. His lack of education was the reason as to why he was earning peanuts. His lack of education was the reason as to why he was where he was in life, and unmotivated. Well that was according to him.

This is one excuse that he used so much. He was its slave. It imprisoned him into believing that he could not try to aim higher and actually make his life better. It was his comfort zone. It made him comfortable with where he was for he thought he could do nothing about it.

Most of us have that comfort zone that inhibits us from taking risks and exploring other options. Take for instance my old man. He wasn’t making much, but he was comfortable with where he was and he loved the sense of familiarity his job had. He didn’t want to risk getting rejected when looking for another job. He did not want to risk failure by starting his own business. For 30 whole years he stayed in his job. He was too comfortable to make any changes.

Well, there’s a price you pay for believing in your excuses and not trying to do anything to change your story for the better. I am pretty sure I would be telling a different story today if my dad did not believe so much in his excuses that they became a part of him.

I want you as my loyal subscriber to make the most of your life. I wouldn’t want you to waste decades of your life believing in excuses that end up shaping your career, dating life or health.

It is never too late to make the 3 Big Man’s Decisions. If you have been on my list for a long time you will understand this concept.

Where do you want to live?

How much money do you want to make monthly?

What kind of women do you want to date?

The above decisions are solely for you to make. All answers must come straight from your heart. It doesn’t matter where you are right now; just write down what it is you want. Remember your destiny will be shaped by the decisions you make in life.

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