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How to Do Everything in Love and Move Higher in Life!

Love is real! If you really want to move higher in life, you must know and apply the secrets of love. Discover the secrets. Enjoy yourself!

Be profoundly rooted in and securely founded in God`s love. Develop your ability to do all things well, measured against a standard especially ability acquired through self-development or life-coaching courses.

Love your unfriendly opponent. Consciously walk in love at all times. See the raving beauty and good quality in others. Have compassionate feeling and benevolent love. Practice brotherly thoughtfulness. Use kind words to address your partners and companions. Say no to ill-mannered attitude, bad-mannered qualities and any thing that can cause offense. Use pleasant word that express love and gratitude without omission.

Let love flow out of you in this day and age. Love the man on the road in a way that will empower him or her to feel tender affection for someone else. Do not beat anyone black and blue but express love in black and white. Be whiter than white at expressing love; do not be in the red but paint the town red in God`s love. Let God`s love dominate you and inspire your action to win souls and stand in the gap for the land. Pray earnestly, intercede for others and bring their lives in agreement with God`s eternal purpose for them.

Have right consciousness, see yourself the way God sees you; God loves you profusely. Go the extra mile in showing love to the people you come in contact with. Give more than required and impact lives, let love be the brand and trade name of your life; make love your distinctive excellence. Forgive anyone who caused you anger, resentment or hurt. Let go every wrong done to you and have no records of the wrongs they did to you.

Do not be in debt to any man, speak love and show love. Exhibit the quality or state of being outstanding and superior.See good in others and love them. Put their needs, interests and wishes before your own as you express appropriate worth toward them.

Be full of divine influence to impact the world through delightful love. Feel and show kindness and charity to every one. Maximum your favourable influence by doing good to someone at the most basic favourable occasion.

Do exceptional things. Celebrate and increase others; feel or express thanks in all things. Be full of tact, kindness and politeness. Be elegant! Display divine grace or compassion. Be full of Gods love and rest in His love so that you can love from a place of rest as you make the world a better place.

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