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2008 Trends in Self-Improvement

The world of self-improvement, motivation and inspirational endeavors has seen a huge expansion in 2008. Indeed, we are seeing the field of Personal Coaching and Business Coaching growing by leaps and bounds. There are more articles being written online than ever before and there seems to be a conversion from a consultant format to a coaching motif. This is a good thing and is a very positive development.

Psychologists and schools are using Avatars for children to improve self-esteem and assist them with socialization and collaboration. Before nothing of this sort was available, yet today this is a widespread trend. Schools are coming on strong and this will prove to not only be more efficient, but it allows kids to learn through positive reinforcement on their terms, in a medium they enjoy, use every day and like.

Online forums are being used by self-help groups where people can post online anonymously and get advice. Many of these forums are supervised by professionals, some are even set up as part of the psychologist’s practice. And it is working.

Another very cool trend is a social network; Blogs for ADHD folks only, where others who think alike and have the same issues can join together and find camaraderie in sharing things that affect them and things that they are interested in.

There are also some high tech trends now to help reduce stress using 3D Virtual Reality with Dolphins swimming around you, it’s totally cool, as if you are swimming with the dolphins. These types of immersed VR high-tech tools are also being used to assist trauma victims and soldiers who have PTSD and they are working better than anyone could have imagined. Just think what 2009 might bring?

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